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“Les Miserables” is miraculous among all other novels

I would say that “Les Miserables” is miraculous among all other novels. I have recommended all young individuals—repeatedly—to read the novel. Les Miserables is in a way sociological work of art: it’s a record of history. It’s a significant book: a book about divinity, kindness, compassion, and love.

I was reminded of Victor Hugo's talent, expressed in his book “Les Misérables”, which is an account of Napoleon’s wars. Rather, he describes portions of Napoleon’s wars in it. I believe Victor Hugo has depicted the best of these scenes through his words. Victor Hugo is a wise man [hakim], not a typical author. He is indeed a Hakeem, as we Muslims say, and this Hakeem has inserted his best words into “Les Misérables”. “Les Misérables” is a book of wisdom [hikmat] and in my opinion, everyone should read it.

September 20, 1993