Those who created ISIS accuse Iran of destabilizing the region: Ayatollah Khamenei

Among the American claims against us, there is the issue of the destabilization of the region. This has become a new claim: the destabilization of the region! First of all, what does the region have to do with you? Second, it is you who are destabilizing the region! It is the US and the US agents who have destabilized the region. They have destabilized North Africa, West Asia, Syria and Iraq in different ways. Destabilizing the region means funding and creating a terrorist group, giving weapons to it, reinforcing and drawing military plans for it and curing its injured individuals in hospitals.

Who created DAESH? Who strengthened it? Today, they claim that they have established the anti-DAESH coalition. This is a lie. This coalition is a lie! Of course, they are opposed to an uncontrolled DAESH, but they like to have a controlled DAESH in their hands and if someone decides to destroy and annihilate this phenomenon, they will seriously stand up against him. As you see, in the present time, the American planes bombard the Syrian forces which are faced with DAESH and groups similar to it.

The same thing has happened in Iraq. It was DAESH which was selling Iraq's oil. A government official – a well-known international personality who was our guest once – said to me that the Americans completely knew about DAESH trucks which were stealing oil from Iraq, taking it to another country and selling it there, but they did not drop one single bomb on them! They never prevented them from doing so! This was being done in front of their eyes, but they claimed that they were against DAESH. However, if they are really opposed to someone, they do not support him like this. But they helped DAESH. Well, it is these people who have created instability in the region, not Iran.

Jun 12, 2017