'Mahatma Gandhi' and 'L'Ame enchantée' are Romain Rolland’s important works

About 40 years ago or more, I read the first translation of the late Mohammad Qazi. I think it was the translation of the book "Mahatma Gandhi" written by Romain Rolland. Both the book and Mohammad Qazi's translation are really outstanding and prominent.

A few years later, I read another translation done by him. It was a translation of another very important work written by Romain Rolland which is "L'Ame enchantée". I think it has three, four volumes and the prose which Mr. Qazi used was really elegant and well-organized.

Of course, I cannot say how exact and accurate the translation is. Those who know the original language can say whether it is accurate or not. However, this translation is really outstanding in terms of literary style and prose. I am familiar with the works of Persian translators and writers and I know how valuable they are. Considering this evaluation, I believe that the Mr. Qazi's translation is an outstanding one. I once saw him up close. At the end of my presidential term, I met with him in a Hafiz commemoration congress in Shiraz. He was introduced to me. He had a problem with his larynx and he was using a laryngophone to talk. We engaged in a short conversation.

Leader's speech in a meeting with outstanding personalities of Kurdistan province on May 14, 2009