Ayatollah Khamenei

U.S.’s target in Western Asia is not Syria but Islam

Muslim nations, countries, and governments should gain more experience. They should realize what the enemies are doing: they want to damage the Islamic Ummah. Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are not their only targets: the main target is the presence of Islam in the region [the Middle-East]; they want to damage this. Islamic governments [and their nations] must understand: Islamic governments must not serve the goals of the US and other invasive Western countries.

It brings no honor to a Muslim country when the US president announces that they regard it as a "milking cow."--During the most recent of presidential election campaigns, last year, the current US president made this remark: He said that Saudi Arabia is just like ‘a milking cow’ for the U.S.A... Is there any label more humiliating than this for a government and a nation to be called? They use Saudi money, and they call it a milking cow. There is no possible type of humiliation worse than this: Islam is against such humiliation. “And to Allah belongs [all] honour, and to His Messenger, and to the believers.” (Quran, 63:8) (10) If they [Saudi leaders] are true believers of Islam, they should be treated with respect: this level of accepted humiliation is a sign of their lack of faith. They [the Saudi government members] are not true believers; they are liars just like their masters [the US and Western forces].

The US president stated that the US struck at Syria to fight against the use of chemical weapons: this is a lie. They never oppose the use of chemical weapons--or any other crimes against humanity. Right now Yemen is bombarded daily: the US is supporting attacks [on Yemen.] In different regions of the world, Muslims are under intense pressure: they [USA] support and help the oppressors of Muslims. They [the U.S. government] are indifferent towards the troubles and pains inflicted upon Muslim nations.

For example, the USA also supported the cruel dictator Saddam [Hussain]. Thousands of people from Iran and Iraq were killed or injured by the chemical weapons used by Saddam. There are still, among our people, those who were injured at that time, and they suffer immensely. They [the US gov. members] are not always against chemical weapons [as they claim]; however, they get involved due to their own arrogant ambitions and accuse others of being dictators; whereas, they operate as one international dictator, themselves. Of course, dictators will never succeed anywhere in the world: they will certainly be defeated. The USA will surely be defeated in this region or any other region where they oppress others. The nations [that the USA targets] will certainly win: God willing, it is going to be so in the Western-Asian [Middle-East] regions, too.

Imam Khamenei, Apr 16, 2018