Ayatollah Khamenei

Many Sunni brothers defend Iran, more vigorously than many Shia

One of the issues which can be studied and researched is the strategic depth of the Islamic Revolution in regional developments. When one looks at regional developments, one notices the strategic depth of the Islamic Revolution in these countries. There are certain events which serve as the root or like the rope which supports a tent; these events are considered a source of strength for a country; this is strategic depth. In those days, the reason why Imam (ra) was outspoken on the issue of revolution in other countries and on revolutionary movements was that he wanted to create such a depth, and he created it: Today, global arrogance is nervously fighting against this strategic depth. Of course, their efforts have not produced and will not produce any results.

An important issue in this regard is what the enemy does to create discord between Shia and Sunni. He (the enemy) is suppressing different groups of Shia Muslims in different parts of the Islamic world. Because, the enemy thinks that Shia elements are a natural base for the Islamic Republic, he wants to destroy these bases; of course, he is making a mistake. The bases of the Islamic Republic are not confined to Shia Muslims. Many Sunni brothers defend the Islamic Republic, much more vigorously than many Shia Muslims. If some of the opponents of the Revolution, who are outside the country — as you say, those who are abroad — and those who are constantly acting against the Islamic Republic, are asked what their religious denomination is, they will answer that it is Shi’a Islam. Many Muslims who are not Imami Shias — those who are Zaydi Shias or Sunnis — do not put up a less vigorous defense of the Islamic Republic than their Shia brothers

Ayatollah Khamenei, Jul, 28, 2013