now officially available in French, Russian, and Spanish

The official inauguration of new French, Russian and Spanish websites of the KHAMENEI.IR

On the coming of the auspicious Eid of Ghadir, the new French, Russian and Spanish versions of KHAMENEI.IR are officially inaugurated by Kamal Kharrazi, the head of the Strategic Council on Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 
The website of KHAMENEI.IR was launched in 2003, covering news, statements, and activities of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and producing content in this regard. 
Since 2005, news coverage of the evens concerning the Leader of the Revolution has been provided to audiences in multiple languages. 
In 2014, advanced English and Arabic versions of KHAMENEI.IR were launched offering a diverse collection of contents and technical facilities, and today the French, Russian and Spanish versions of the website are officially launched. 
It is predicted that during the coming months, the German, Urdu and Turkish versions of KHAMENEI.IR will also be available.