Pahlavi era: An era of humiliating Iranian engineers

During the Pahlavi era, one common propaganda was "we cannot do it". All of us had been told from childhood that the Iranian products were of low quality and inferior; Iranian is equal to the inability to produce good products in all fields. This culture had in fact been institutionalized in the minds of our nation, while it is 180 degrees different from reality. This nation is a nation that can do anything, can produce, can grow, innovate, can break through the boundaries of science and technology, and advance. September 22, 2005

In the past in Iran, such a mentality was dominant. If any of you has lived in the villages which had a Khan (ruler) during the Pahlavi era, you must have observed this attitude among the poor and weakened people who had to feed on the leftovers from the Khan’s table. The outcome of such a mentality was that the heads of the Pahlavi tyrannical regime used the wealth of this clever, zealous and brave nation who had a long history of civilization and science to buy warplanes from the United States. When a piece of a plane was found to be flawed, no Iranian engineer or mechanic was allowed to dismantle that part and try to fix it. Because the pieces were composite pieces, sometimes a piece of a plane consisted of ten interconnected pieces. They had to open the defective piece and send it by airplane to the manufacturer and seller country, which was mainly the United States. Then, after delivering the defective piece, they would buy a new piece and return! Why were Iranian engineers denied of the right to touch the defective piece of the aircraft? Because they were told: “You cannot do it! These are issues to be taken care of by foreign experts. Do not interfere at all, and do not even try these things". This is how a nation can be humiliated! May 3, 1994


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