West Bank will certainly be armed like Gaza

Sometimes, a number of those youth whose requests are not granted in this regard write a letter to me and say in an insistent manner, "Allow us to go and fight against the Zionist regime in the front lines". Our people love fighting against the Zionists and the Islamic Republic has proved this as well. By Allah's favour and grace, we have passed through the barrier of denominational discord. We helped Hezbollah of Lebanon - which is a Shia group - in the same way, that we helped Hamas and Islamic Jihad and we will continue to do that [audience shout "Allahu Akbar"]. We did not become a prisoner of denominational limits. We did not differentiate between Shia, Sunni, Hanafi, Hanbali, Shafi'i and Zaidi denominations. All Palestinian areas have to become armed.

We looked at our main goal and we offered help. We managed to strengthen the fists of our Palestinian brothers in Gaza and by Allah's favour, we will continue to do that. I announced- and this will definitely happen- that the West Bank should be armed like Gaza and be prepared for defence.

Nov 25, 2014


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