Last Breath.720

Last breaths of enmity

You should know that what the enemies are doing against the Islamic Republic in one way and against the Islamic Ummah in another way although the enemies show more hostility towards the Islamic Republic is the last breaths of the enemy against the Islamic Republic. The fiercer they are, the more determined we will be. The more intensity they use, the stronger we will become. The angrier they become at our commitment to Quranic concepts and teachings, the more attached we will be to the Quran, God willing. Our attachment to the Quran is a source of our bliss, our strength and our dignity. 
We ask Allah the Exalted to increase this attachment in us and to help us reach the goals that the Quran has designated for us.

Apr 15, 2019


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  • Islamic Revolution
  • sanctions
  • The United States
  • US Crimes


  • 2019-07-17 16:02
    Be careful of what they will do.