Imam Khamenei

Commemorating Sunni scholars who were martyred for supporting the Islamic Republic

What was done in both Kurdistan and Western Azerbaijan by Kurdish people was a great feat. They have really managed to render services to the Revolution and to disappoint the enemy. This is very valuable. And they have offered martyrs on this path: both during the imposed war and in their fight against anti-revolutionary forces.

They also offered martyrs because of their support for the Islamic Republic, martyrs such as Shahid Sheikh ul-Islam – whom I mentioned – Shahid Aali [Mullah Borhan Aali], who was one of the ulama working there, and Shahid Zabihi [Mullah Muhammad Zabihi]. They were among the “mamoustas” [Kurdish word meaning “teacher”, “scholar”] and well-known ulama of the Kurdistan region. Their martyrdom was due to their support for the Islamic Republic. They would deliver speeches, take action and engage in activities. They cooperated with the Islamic Republic and they were martyred.

In the villages of Kurdistan and Western Azerbaijan, many individuals adopted measures in cooperation with the officials of the Islamic Republic and as a result, anti-revolutionary forces took revenge and martyred them. Martyrdom in this area involved more sacrifice and transparent endeavor and sincerity. I hope that God will raise the position of those martyrs, God willing.

Jun 17, 2019


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  • 2019-07-03 04:24
    Long live the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Persian people! God is always with the just causes and for this reason he will always be with the Iranian people, and with his Supreme Leader. The enemies of the world, guided by evil, could never destroy a people that is protected by God, the Almighty, the Great, the Merciful! GOD BLESS ALWAYS TO IRAN !!