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U.S. supporting the murder of innocent Yemeni people is a sign of its political, moral decline

I would like to offer words of advice to the countries and governments which forget what the Quran has requested from them. They have forgotten this. The ayahs which were recited here say, “And those who are with him are strong against unbelievers but compassionate among each other.” [The Holy Quran, 48: 29] However, those individuals are strong against believers, compassionate to unbelievers. They are the opposite. Are they Muslims?


Whenever English policies which occurred in the past – and American policies today – infiltrated and entered into Islamic countries, such cases of fitna showed up. They create discord, hatred and hostility both among Islamic countries and inside a country. Notice what is happening in Libya. Why should two groups shed each other’s blood in a Muslim country while both groups come from the same country, the same soil and the same waters and while their interests are intertwined? Who is provoking them to do so?

Why should the mosques, bazaars, hospitals, primary schools and infrastructure in a country like Yemen be bombarded? Why? They are bombarded by whom? They are being bombarded by those who claim to advocate Islam. This is committed by a country which is Islam and whose people are Muslims. They work and endeavour on the basis of the whims and desires of the enemies of Islam and in the heart of the world of Islam. This is where our problem lies.

Jun 5, 2019

They[The U.S. government] constantly supported and defended the crimes and slaughter conducted by the Zionist regime. They advocated the crimes of several governments in Yemen and the slaughter of the innocent people of Yemen. They advocate crimes. Is there ever a moral decline worse than this?

Jun 4, 2019


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