Sinister steps

Sinister footsteps

The enemy’s plots are of different types. They sometimes threaten, and they sometimes tempt. An example is the recent sly move by the “honourable” US president who said, “Iran can make great achievements with their current leaders.” This means, “You current leaders of Iran, we do not want to overthrow you and you should not be worried. We do not want to topple you and we are ready to accept you.” This is a so-called sly policy addressed to the leaders of Iran. Of course, what he says is true. If the current officials of Iran show determination, roll up their sleeves, do not differentiate between day and night to work hard, show diligence, work in harmony and cooperation with one another and use popular resources correctly, more achievements will surely be made. There is no doubt about this, but the condition is that the Americans stay away!

The condition for progress is that the Americans stay away! Whenever the Americans set foot somewhere, either war is waged, a fratricidal move is made, sedition breaks out or some exploitation, colonialism and humiliation are brought about. The steps of the Americans are sinister steps. If they stay away, we ourselves know what to do. We know our jobs and Allah the Exalted will bestow His blessings and we will move forward, God willing.

The people are present on the scene and this presence should continue. Dear brothers, dear sisters, I will tell you that when you show such presence on the last Friday of the month of Ramadhan, the enemy’s calculations will be completely disrupted [Audience shout, “Oh liberated leader, we are prepared, prepared.”] I hope that God will bestow His blessings and mercy on you. Yes, the Iranian nation is really prepared!

Jun 4, 2019


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