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Resistance vs. Surrender

This resistance gradually exceeded the borders of the Islamic Republic. This does not mean that we wish to export this title and idea of resistance. Some people – including politicians and others – complain here and there why we want to export the Revolution. We are not exporting the Revolution. The Revolution is a thought, a philosophy, a roadmap. If it is accepted and cherished by a nation, it will welcome it on its own. Did we say to other countries to rally on Quds Day? They themselves did so. They themselves wished to do so. Resistance was accepted by other nations on its own.

Today in our region – West Asia – the common word among nations is resistance. Everyone agrees with resistance. Of course, some people dare enter the arena of resistance and some people do not dare do so, but those who dare do this are not few in number. The recent defeats that the Americans suffered in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and other such countries were an outcome of the resistance of Resistance groups. The Resistance camp is a strong camp today.

Of course, we do not deny that because we people of Iran firmly resisted, moved forward and made achievements, others were encouraged to pursue resistance. This has been acknowledged by non-Iranian analysts and political experts in the world as well. A well-known international analyst – all of you have heard his name – says that one of the most important reasons behind the enmity of the US towards the Islamic Republic is that the Islamic Republic took the path of resistance, succeeded in it and managed to overcome the obstacles. This is one of the reasons behind its enmity. They want us to be defeated. They wish that we become discouraged. They want us to hold up our hands as a sign of surrender. Because we are not doing so, they are showing enmity.

Jun 4, 2019



Today, the issue of Palestine is among the most important issues of the world of Islam, actually, it is the most important one. That is while they organize a summit in Bahrain, at the command of the US, on destroying the issue of Palestine. The rulers of Bahrain should know that they are pulling the rug from under their own feet. They should not be deceived by the Saudis. They, as well as the Saudis, are pulling the rug from under their own feet and this will end in their own disadvantage: “And so will they continue to spend, but in the end they will have only regrets and sighs.” [The Holy Quran, 8: 36]

They spend money and work hard, but it will end in their own disadvantage, despite what they had hoped for. The Quran says this in a decisive way. All these measures will end up in their own disadvantage, but they do not understand. Unfortunately, they do not understand. They can return because the path to return is open. They can repent because the path to repentance is open: “Except those who repent and make amends.” [The Holy Quran, 2: 160] They should make amends and make up for the corruption that they have caused.

Today, the world of Islam needs this. The problems of the world of Islam will be resolved if Muslims cooperate in harmony with one another. We should work to that end. The intellectuals of the world of Islam are responsible. The ulama of the world of Islam are responsible.

We in the Islamic Republic have accepted the price for defending Palestine. We have declared that we would defend Palestine. The world of arrogance stood against us then and delivered blows, but we showed resistance and we stood firm and we will continue to stand firm. We are certain that the final victory will belong to the Palestinian nation.

Jun 5, 2019


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