Labor exposes inner and real talents like the spring cultivates nature's potentials

I tell you that labor works like spring. Spring cultivates underground and natural resources and talents. In spring, trees bear fruits and provide shelter. In spring, nature is revived and it shows its inner talents. Labor is the same. Labor prepares the ground for the display of all inner and true talents. If there is science without any implementation, what is the use? If individuals benefit from creativeness and inner talents without using them, this talent will not be of any use to anyone. It is labor and work that helps human resources show their talents, capacities and existing realities. Well, this is the significance of labor. 

One of the great responsibilities of Islamic society and of officials is to clarify the value of labor for public opinion. Labor should turn into a value, not a mere need. Of course, labor is needed: society, individuals and life need labor. There is a psychological and mental need for labor. Labor satisfies a psychological and mental need as well. However, it is not merely a need. Labor is a lofty value in society. We should turn this into a public understanding and fact. If this idea is clarified in the true sense of the word, then the value of laborers will increase as well. Laborers should be described as valuable in society. And it does not make a difference in which areas: laborers are valuable in all areas – including the areas that were mentioned in the meeting which were represented by your friends. Wherever labor, dynamism and production exist, it is appreciated.

Apr 24, 2019


  • #MayDay
  • Labour Day