Laborers are one of the most loyal communities to the Islamic revolution

The enemy has become disappointed with other methods. Thankfully, you are wise. Many of you are among individuals whose minds are productive, constructive, innovative and well-informed in different areas. You know that from the beginning of the Revolution until today, the enemy has been working on all those areas which can possibly draw the country towards chaos and disorder, including on the issue of labor and laborers: perhaps, it has even worked more on this area. However, in all these areas, the laborers of the country have slapped the enemy across the face, making him disappointed.


This is not something that is only occurring in the present time. It is 40 years now that this has been the case. The society of laborers has been one of the most loyal societies to the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic and it continues to be so. Therefore, the enemy has really worked hard on this matter. The officials of the country, decision-makers, policy-makers, politicians and executives should be very careful and they should appreciate the value of this.

Apr 24, 2019


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