The Iranian nation will never be brought to their knees: Imam Khamenei

Well, the enemies are working in different ways against the Iranian nation, our great Revolution and our Islamic Republic which has let out the cry of justice throughout the world and which has attracted the attention of other nations. They want to bring it to its knees. They have worked in different ways, but they have failed. Now, they are working on economic matters, saying that they want to exert economic pressures to bring Iran to its knees. They should know that the Iranian nation will not kneel to them. The same is true of the recent move made by the US.

First of all, the efforts in the area of oil will come to no avail. We will be able to export our oil as much as we need and as much as we wish. They foolishly think that they are blocking our path, but if our active people and our vigilant and wise officials show determination, they will be able to break many dead ends. This is one of the dead ends which will definitely be broken by them. Therefore, their effort will not produce any result. This is one point.

Secondly, they are showing enmity, but they should know that their enmity will be reciprocated. They will receive a response to their enmity. The Iranian nation is not a nation that sits idly watching others plotting and working against it.

Thirdly, as I said, we appreciate our increasing independence from selling oil like this. This will be much better for us. The important point is that we should get familiar with our inner gems, knowing that the manpower and human resources in our country and our society are much more capable than what is being shown today.

Our youth can come up with many innovations. We have shown this in the course of the past years including in social, political and economic areas because the enemies have focused on our economic matters since the beginning of the Revolution. All these various achievements, these constructions and these numerous efforts have been made in response to the enemy’s move. The Iranian nation has many capabilities. We should promote the culture of work, production and diligence. This state of sitting idle and expecting wealth overnight should disappear. We should not promote this.

Apr 24, 2019


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