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What are the perquisites to awaiting for Imam Mahdi(A.J.)?


Awaiting requires that we prepare ourselves. We should know that a great event will take place and we should always expect it to happen. We can never say that the event will not happen in a few years nor can we say that the event will happen in the near future. We should always wait for it.

Those who are waiting should develop characteristics and manners that are expected in the awaited era. This is the requirement for awaiting. If there is supposed to be justice, truth, monotheism, purity and submission to God in the awaited era, then as the people who are waiting, we should get closer to these qualities. We should become familiar with justice. We should prepare ourselves for justice. We should prepare ourselves for accepting the truth. These are the consequences of awaiting.

Imam Khamenei, Jul 9, 2011


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