National youth day

Revolutionary youth represent the fighters of the soft war

Of course, I am addressing everyone, not just the individuals in this meeting. I constantly say to all intellectual, thinking jihadi and cultural nuclei throughout the country that each of them should work in an independent manner. As is said in military arenas, "fire at will” when they want. Of course, during a war, there is a command center which issues orders, but if the command center cannot contact other bases and centers, the commander issues the "fire at will" order.

Well, you are the officers of the soft war. You are supposed to be the officers of the soft war. Whenever you feel that there is something wrong with the central organization and that it cannot work properly, you are free to fire at will. Under such circumstances, you are free to decide, to think, to move and to act.

Jun 7, 2017

Of course, my advice to revolutionary students and professors is that they should play their role. We have said to the youth that they are the officers of the soft war. You university professors too, are the commanders of this soft war. Very well, you should command and play your part!

This soft war is ongoing. The intensity of this war has increased by several times since the day I used the term “soft war” until today – two, three years have passed since that day. The enemy is fighting against us[...] They are fighting against us from all sides in the area of culture. And the reason is clear and we have said it many times. So, we should prepare ourselves.

Jun 18, 2016

I have frequently said to those individuals who complain that global media do not broadcast revolutionary news that those who should understand will understand it and those who should get it will get it. It will surely reach the President of America, the U.S. Secretary of State, the members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and to such and such decision-making elements. They will understand the message. When you have an opinion about the issue of the Bar-Jaam and when you express it as a student, and when you express your opinions about establishing relations with America, about the economy of resistance and about the future of the country, these opinions are revolutionary, firm and reasonable opinions and they will certainly influence the enemy’s morale.

When I said that you are officers of soft wars, well, these are the requirements for a soft war. This is a soft war. In a soft war, you should not always adopt a defensive position. Sometimes, you should adopt an offensive position as well. Expressing your viewpoints is an offensive position. So, this is one of your responsibilities. You should show your intellectual presence and your positions should be clear. Sometimes, these positions are against the policies of administrations. What should we do to avoid causing conflicts with administrations? There are certain solutions for this as well. By Allah’s favor, if there is enough time, I will refer to these solutions as well. So, one of your responsibilities is to express your revolutionary positions.
Jul 2, 2016


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