Imam Khamenei's account on the outcomes of U.S.'s forty years of hostility

They[American officials] foolishly think that they are hatching plots against the Guards Corps and the country, but the Holy Quran says, “But those who defy Allah are themselves the subject of the plot” [The Holy Quran, 52: 42]. He who is being deceived, who thinks he is moving towards the summit while he is, in fact, descending into the depths of failure is a person who “defies Allah” – in others words, Trump, the shaitans, the malicious personalities and the fools surrounding the ruling system of the US. They are such individuals.

They think that they are advancing, but they are repeating the previous 40-year experiences with complete foolishness. Well during that time, you exerted political and economic pressures, you launched a comprehensive propaganda campaign, you launched military and security attacks, you strengthened the Zionist regime, all with the purpose of destroying the Islamic Republic, but did you succeed? One day, the Islamic Republic was a system without an economy and army and without any military and diplomatic resources. It did not know what to do because we were not experienced and we were only beginning our experiences. That day, you could not do a damn thing and today, the Islamic Republic has everything at its disposal!

Imam Khamenei, Apr 8, 2019


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  • 2019-04-24 17:42
    Hi I travelled extensively through Iran on holiday in the early 2000s and would love to come back. How can I get anti US art/posters? I did buy stamps when I was in Iran Thanks Cameron