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Ayatollah Khamenei urged officials to start reconstruction of flood-stricken areas

In response to the President's request for authorization to withdraw from the National Development Fund in order to compensate for a portion of damage caused by recent floods, the Leader of the Revolution urged officials to follow up on and compensate heavy financial losses due to the flood, especially the farmers' losses, and demanded that the government start taking necessary measures exploiting available resources. His Eminence asserted that only after shrewdly assessing the situation and if necessary, withdrawing from the National Development Fund is approved.

The full text of the Supreme Leader’s response is as follows:


In the name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.


Dear Dr. Hassan Rouhani,

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran,


Regarding your letter N. 98-636 dated April 7, 2019, the losses resulting from the devastating floods are heavy and catastrophic, and follow up and compensation by responsible entities is urgently needed. Of course, the aid coming from the people, revolutionary institutions, and several governmental and military organizations during this period has been impressive and merits special thanks. However, these aids cannot compensate for the losses inflicted upon the people and especially the farmers whose crops were damaged; hence, action by the government is essential. You are aware that using the National Development Fund is allowed only if all other channels are blocked. I would like to stress that the government should urgently take necessary measures using assets provided by funds such as:

- the 5% from the country's public budget allocated to compensation for damage caused by natural disasters and unexpected incidents;

- reallocation of construction budget priorities; and

- insurances and bank facilities.

In line with that, after shrewd assessment of the situation, if necessary, withdrawing from the National Development Fund is authorized.


In order to better get organized, I need to give the following pieces of advice:

1- A central command must be created for seamless management, coordination, coherence, follow up, supervision and responding regarding preemptive, preparation, support, reconstruction, and rehabilitation measures.


2- A complete and reliable database of individuals and legal entities affected by recent floods must be created as soon as possible for precise estimation of damage, needs, and follow up on services and aids coming from different sources.


3- A plan of necessary actions with priorities, specific timings, and distribution of works and responsibilities between governmental, revolutionary and non-governmental organizations must be drawn up and implemented.


4- Necessary action to provide for everyday and essential needs of people affected by the floods, especially compensating for the farmers’ losses, must be taken in the shortest time possible.


5- In order to boost business in the flood-stricken parts, the capacities of those regions for reconstruction must be used as much as possible. Besides, necessary and swift plans must be put into action to reconstruct and repair destroyed residential buildings, businesses, and factories.


I plead to God for the success of all those involved in this effort.


Sayyed Ali Khamenei

April 12, 2019


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