Imam Khamenei

The judiciary must adopt most serious measures to prevent transgression of forests

On the occasion of the National Day of Planting, Ayatollah Khamenei—the Leader of the Revolution—planted two fruit saplings this morning (Wednesday), March 6, 2019, in the garden of the Office of the Supreme Leader.

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that the National Day of Planting bears tidings that the Spring is around the corner, and it is indeed a reminder for the importance of flora. Pointing to the damages imposed on the country due to neglecting the forests, pastures and flora, he reminded his audience: The importance of trees and preserving the flora should find its real place in the public culture.

The Supreme Leader called the act of planting saplings on the National Day of Planting Trees a symbolic one, aimed at enhancing the culture of valuing trees, slamming the destruction of plants in plants-rich regions for the sake of constructing buildings, and went on to say: The departments in charge should be very serious in countering these transgressions and do not allow it to happen.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also criticized planting harmful saplings in some areas of the country with the aim of preventing the expansion of deserts and stated, and held: The responsible entities should prevent these actions while making their best for preserving the forests and pastures. Monitoring establishments, such as the Judiciary, should endeavour to prevent damage to forests and woods.




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