Pahlavi Crimes 720

Pahlavi: a monarchy of plunderers

We have made progress in equitable distribution of our resources throughout the country. There was a day when the largest portion of our national resources used to be allocated to certain regions which were affiliated with powerful people of that time, with court officials. And many other cities and provinces were completely deprived of our national resources. Before the Revolution, there were five personal airports in different parts of one of our big provinces. Those airports belonged to people affiliated with court officials of the Shah. This was while there was not even one single airport in that province which could be used by the people.

That is to say, the people of that province could not use airplanes to fly in and out of the province, while there were five personal airports in the same province. This was an injustice. Today we see that all parts of the country have access to different services and to roads and highways. People in all parts of the country can receive education. As I pointed out, at that time, there were not enough high schools in many parts of the country, even in certain big cities.

Oct 13, 2012


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