Pahlavi Crimes 720

How were Iranian workers and producers humiliated during the Pahlavi regime?

Under the former regime, our engineers were not provided with an opportunity for constructive work, research and scientific growth. I remember I once said this in an interview following a visit to the Dez Dam that our engineers were not even allowed to operate dams and power plants after their construction. For example, when some foreign companies built the Dez Dam, the operation of its power plant was entrusted to several Iranian engineers. Later an American company was asked to double the power plant's capacity. When the American contractors noticed that the power plant was operated by Iranians, they stipulated that the Iranian operators should be dismissed. Consequently, the operation of the power plant was handed over to an Italian company. Then, the American company started its work to double the power plant's capacity.

This was an example indicating the fact that Iranians were not allowed to engage in any type of technical work, not even operational work. As a result, we lagged behind in various industrial and engineering areas, despite the fact that our engineers at that time were as talented and intelligent as they are today.

Imam Khamenei, Feb 23, 2005


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