Dynasty of Abolishment

How did the Shah humiliate his army before the U.S. authorities?


The arrogant outlook which the Americans have adopted and which has continued since decades ago until today has made all nations in the world have a feeling of mistrust and hatred towards the government of America. This is not particular to our country. Any nation which trusted America received a blow, even those who were America's friends. In our county, Dr. Mosaddeq trusted and relied on the Americans so that he could free himself from the pressure of the English. Instead of helping Dr. Mosaddeq who had trusted them, the Americans allied themselves with the English.

They dispatched their agents to our country and they launched the coup d'etat of the 28th of Mordad. Mosaddeq trusted them and he received a blow for that. Even those who were on friendly terms with the U.S. and who had trusted this country were stricken a blow. The taghut (tyrannical) regime (of Pahlavi) had a very close relationship with the United States. However, the U.S's greed had exhausted them as well. As I said, they imposed "capitulation" - the judicial immunity of U.S. agents - on this regime and they had to accept it, because they had no other source of support except for the United States.


The meaning of capitulation is that if an American sergeant slaps a high-ranking Iranian officer across the face, no one has the right to sue him. If an American agent of low rank shows transgression towards an honorable Iranian man or woman, no one has the right to sue him. The Americans say, "You do not have the right to do this. We ourselves will resolve the issue".

A people cannot be humiliated more than this. They imposed this on Iran which was their friend. They did not even show mercy to their friend. They threw Mohammad Reza out of their country after he fled from Iran and spent a short time in America. They did not let him stay. They did not show even this bit of loyalty to him. They are such people.

Nov 3, 2013


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