Saudi regime's accomplices in genocide in Yemen

I will tell you that the notorious enemies of Islamic Iran are covered in filth: the filth of moral and political corruption. They are soaked in filth. Take a look at American politicians today. Take a look at their materialism, their violation of the truth and their indifference to the lives and property of individuals and nations. One example is in Yemen. In Yemen, it is the Saudis who are committing the crime, but the Americans are their accomplices. They themselves have acknowledged this. They target hospitals, markets, the parliament and the places where the people gather. The issue is not about a military dispute, rather they are opposed to nations. They are criminals and soaked in filth.

Dec 12, 2018

Today, the people of Yemen are enduring the hardest tortures by the Saudi government, its followers and the US – its main supporter – but you should know that the people of Yemen and Ansarullah will certainly be victorious! They will not be defeated. The people of Palestine will not be defeated. The only way is resistance. What has made the US so agitated today that it resorts to blather and wrong measures is the resistance of Muslim nations and this resistance will produce results.

Nov 25, 2018


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