Sweet life

A few recommendations by Ayatollah Khamenei for spouses

Keep secrets of life carefully

Wife and husband should keep each other's secrets. The wife should not say her husband's secrets to anyone. The husband should neither tell his wife's secrets to for example his friends in the gym or a party, etc. Be careful, keep each other's secrets carefully, so that your relationship can be persistent and sweet, God willing. April 13, 1999


Empathize with each other

The real help is for two people to help each other deal with grief. Anyone could face problems, difficulties, and grief in life, and struggle with gloom and doubt. The other person should help his/her spouse in these situations, to improve their mood, guide them, so they can correct their errors. November 23, 1999


If you want a sweeter life...

There are many people who are wealthy but don't live a happy life; They have quarrels and disputes in the home. If you can meet the expectations of one another, life can be much sweeter for both of you.


Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei