US is out of Syria.720

US and Israel's costly, heavy defeat in West Asia

Their anger is because of the fact that America had a certain plan for West Asia, which they refer to as the "Middle East". They had this plan since 15, 16 years ago – and perhaps since before that. The plan might have been devised sometime before that, but it emerged 15, 16 years ago. They sometimes referred to this plan as "The New Middle East" and sometimes as "The Greater Middle East." They had a certain plan for this region. The main axis and heart of this plan was comprised of Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. These three countries were three axes and centers where the main part of this plan should have been implemented.

How was it supposed to be implemented? Some governments were supposed to come to power in those three countries which would completely obey and serve the US. They would obey and do whatever the US wanted. What would the result be? The result would be that the whole region would turn into a doormat for the Zionist regime and they would somehow achieve "From the Nile to the Euphrates" that they had in mind.

This would not be in the form of installing an apparent political rule, rather it was in the form of virtual and real domination and infiltration. They wanted to do this. They wanted to do something to make Iraq – that historical and magnificent country with all those achievements – fall under the domination of the Zionists and the Americans. They wanted to help the Zionist regime to control Syria – that important center of resistance against the Zionist regime. And it is clear what the fate of Lebanon would be. They wanted to do this.

Now, look at reality and see how distant it is from what they wanted! Notice that they could not do anything to Lebanon. Notice that the thing that happened in Iraq was the exact opposite of what they wanted! And you should look at Syria to see that they could not do anything to that country either. Of course, the US and its allies committed many crimes in Syria. Their hands are dirty – up to their elbows – with the blood of the people of Syria. There is no doubt about this. They created DAESH. They created takfiris – the Nusra Front and other such groups – and they massacred the people in one sense. They did this, but they could not achieve their goals.


Notice that in the present time, the issue of DAESH is actually coming to an end. Takfiris are completely isolated. The state of affairs that they wanted to put an end to in order to replace it with another state of affairs has gained more vigor. What has happened is the exact opposite of what the US wanted to happen. When the Americans look, they find Iran to be an efficient factor in this area. They blame Iran for this and this is why they are angry.

Sep 21, 2017

notice that in the present time, the policies of the greatest powers in the world have become trapped in the mud in West Asia. These policies have failed. They themselves say that this failure is because of the influence and power of the Islamic Republic. This is very important. They wanted to impose every disaster that they liked on Iraq and Syria, but they failed. Well, this is very important. This is the same thing that you wanted. This is the same thing that the Revolution wanted.

The goals of the Revolution have been attained, but the goals of the US and its allies – not only the US – have not. This is only an example and such victories, capabilities and achievements are many. You should never forget these achievements.

Jun 7, 2017

America is becoming weaker in the region on a daily basis. Its plans have been revealed and it is clear what it is after: It is after interfering in the affairs of different countries. And it is not the case that it only shows enmity towards us and that it is friends with others. This is not the case. You witnessed what happened in Turkey. Of course, in our opinion, it has not been proved yet that America was involved there, but there is a serious accusation that the coup d’état that was launched in Turkey was masterminded by the Americans. If this is proved, this will be a big scandal for America.

Turkey was a country that had good relations with America. It used to say that it is America’ ally in the region, but they are not even prepared to get along with Turkey. This is because there is an Islamic orientation there. They are opposed to Islam and to an Islamic orientation. This is why they launch a coup d’état even in that country. Of course, it was put down. They were defeated and they fell out of favor with the people of Turkey as well. The same is true of other places. Thankfully, they are becoming weaker on a daily basis in Iraq, in Syria and in different other countries as well.

Aug 1, 2016


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