Imam Khamenei

Ignorant Muslim who doesn't know his friend is the best means in enemy's hands

Today we need vigilance more than anything else. We need to distinguish between our friends and enemies. You must beware of confusing friends with enemies. You must beware of treating enemies and friends in the same way[...] Furthermore, all people must take care not to confuse enemies with friends. We must not mistake a friend for an enemy. Similarly, we must not mistake a mortal, sworn enemy for a friend and listen to that enemy. 

Jul 6, 2009

[Imagine] On a battlefield, you are under the artillery and mortar fire of the enemy from all angles. Different types of bullets are fired from different directions, and they whistle past your head. Sometimes you even lose your orientation and cannot tell whether the fire is coming from the enemy or it is friendly fire that is aimed at the enemy's strongholds. That is a mortal danger. It is very dangerous for a soldier to lose his orientation and confuse his comrades with the enemy soldiers. If a soldier cannot identify the position of the enemy and his comrades, he may open fire on his own comrades, believing that he is trying to kill the enemy soldiers. That is very dangerous. Some of us open fire on our friends thinking that we are fighting the enemy. Some of us are unaware enough to forget that creating religious conflict is the enemies' plot to keep different denominations of Islam busy with one another. As a result of lack of vigilance, Shia and Sunni Muslims focus all their efforts on fighting one another. That is a very regrettable situation, and that is what the enemy wants.

May 13, 2009

I have said many times that if a soldier at the front lines of the battle falls asleep, he might become confused once he wakes up. Then, when he loads the cannon, he might target his own front. If one does not know on which direction the enemies are standing and on which side the friends are, then the artillery would fire at friends rather than the enemies. This is why insight is necessary.

Jan 8, 2017


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