Peace talks

'Peace talks' results: creating an apartheid, making Palestine a 'Jewish nation-state’

The Zionist regime continues to oppress the innocent people of Palestine with utmost shamelessness and audacity. This is while they hold a peace conference in Washington. Peace with whom? They want to cover up the issues of Palestine and the crimes committed by the enemies of the people of Palestine by conducting certain negotiations which they call "peace".

You should know that global events do not move forward according to the wishes and intentions of America. What global arrogance and the hostile enemies of the people of Iran wanted to achieve in the international arena—which is very wide in scope—has not been achieved and by Allah's favor, it will not be achieved in the future has failed in Palestine. The plot that they hatched for Palestine and that they tried very hard to implement has failed and by Allah's favor, it will fail in the future as well.


The enemies want to turn Palestine into a Jewish country. That is to say, they want to do something to prevent the Palestinians—whether Muslims or Christians—from living in Palestine. In other words, they want to finish Palestine off. They have followed up this plot. They have tried very hard during the recent years, but they have failed. America did not achieve any results in Palestine. It did not achieve any results in Syria. It did not achieve any results in Iraq. The goals that it had in Afghanistan and Pakistan were not achieved. As you see and hear, the Americans' plots in Europe have been foiled as well.

March 21, 2014


'Peace talks' are aimed at covering up Zionist regime's crimes

The issue of Palestine continues to be the most important issue of the world of Islam. Crimes continue to be committed in Gaza. Crimes continue to be committed in the west bank of the Jordan River. The Zionist regime continues to oppress the innocent people of Palestine with utmost shamelessness and audacity. This is while they hold a peace conference in Washington. Peace with whom? They want to cover up the issues of Palestine and the crimes committed by the enemies of the people of Palestine by conducting certain negotiations which they call "peace".

A usurper has usurped the home of a people. Besides, he is not satisfied with this. He uses any opportunity to oppress the people of Palestine and these people - the western world, the Americans and other such people - are sitting and watching these events with total indifference. They encourage transgressors, oppressors and suppressers. This is while they hold a meeting for peace. Which peace? What peace? Peace between whom and whom?


These shameless Zionist oppressors confront the Palestinians with utmost audacity and say, "You should accept Jewish settlements". Their greatest crime is that they want to build Jewish settlements. They want to turn Holy Quds - Muslims' and dear Palestine's qibla - into Jewish settlements and centers of oppression and conspiracy. This is our main concern.

September 10, 2010

They seek to uproot Islam in Palestine by turning Palestine into a Jewish nation-state 

One of the issues is the issue of Palestine and Gaza and, more importantly, the recent attack by the oppressive and stone-hearted Zionists on the convoy that was trying to get through the blockade and help the people of Gaza. During the recent years, especially during the recent months, the issue of turning Palestine into a Jewish settlement is one of the things that has received special attention. The policy of the Zionist regime is to gradually purge the signs of Islam from Palestinian lands and the West Bank -even they themselves admit that this area has been occupied. The world admits this fact, and there are many UN resolutions in this regard. They are pursuing a Jewish nation-state in the West Bank. Oppressive construction of illegal satellite towns, destruction of Palestinian homes, and their interference in al-Khalil and Quds with the aim of turning Palestine into a Jewish nation-state are all an effort—out of wishful thinking— to uproot Islam from Palestine. Palestine is a very strategic location, and the world of Islam must stand up for Palestine with all its power and put an end to these great crimes.

June 4, 2010


With U.S. support, Israel continues to build Jewish settlements despite international condemnation

This is an event that is taking place in the present time. It is not of the past history. It relates to the current time, when you and I are speaking. Churches have been attacked. Christians across the world should at least defend that Christian priest who was killed recently while he was performing his religious rituals. During encirclement of a church in Bethlehem and the Zionists’ attack on the church, he died before the eyes of those who had sought protection in that church.

The issue of Palestine is not just an Islamic matter, it is a humane matter. The criteria for judging the events is simply to be a human; to recognize humane values. This is the reality. Well, some states in Europe and beyond Europe have expressed their opposition. Though still mildly, they showed they were angry with Israel. What about the position held by the U.S.? The U.S. took the worst possible stance on this matter; worse than which is not possible. During the past week or so, while the matters intensified, the U.S. president have given 2 or 3 speeches. The last one was his yesterday's speech: an extensive talk, all in favor of the deeds and operations of Israel!

During his speech, after much support of the criminals of Israel, he forces one statement in his talk, to say that: The Israeli regime should not build Jewish settlements in the regions where Palestinians live.” Well, he knows, and the whole world know that this is a superficial, fake and unreal advice. For many years, international congresses have confirmed, and centers of global power and global politics have said, that the Israelis do not have the right to build Jewish settlements in regions where Palestinians live. The ferocious ruler who is at the top of power in the occupied Palestine today—when he was the Minister of Housing—stood against all of them and said, “I will build,” and he did, and continues to do so. Who will care about these remarks? He, himself, knows they won’t heed. They continuously supported the Zionists, with impaired reasoning, with erroneous reasoning, unacceptable for the global public opinion.

Unfortunately, the current president of the United States—ever since he came to power— has striken a blow against global peace and security with every speech, and every move he has made. All his decisions so far are against global peace and security. He withdrew from the Convention on Climate Change, which was an international treaty adopted in Kyoto [Kyoto Protocol], though the previous president of the U.S. had signed it. He has withdrew from The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, he has expanded U.S.’s nuclear activities; he comes out and announces them explicitly and clearly. After the 9/11 incident in New York, every time he has given a speech, he has threatened the world, or humiliated the nations, or he has invited the people of the U.S. and other Western countries to hate Muslims and all Eastern populations; or he has announced his future attacks here and there, or he has threatened other countries to nuclear attacks. His words and positions are the exact opposite of global peace and security. Who leads such people? It should be contemplated on. Who leads these individuals who are new in the arena of politics—who are so much absorbed by worldly positions, and have no idea of spirituality—to the situation they have created? It deserves contemplation.

April 5, 2002


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