Imam Khamenei

The revolution is lasting and promising in case of patience and piety

This morning June 30, 2018, The Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces— Ayatollah Khamenei—attended the graduation ceremony of student officers and guards, held at Imam Hussain (a.s.) Officers’ Academy.


In this ceremony, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution hailed the determination and piety of the cadets and said: "As a result of patience and piety, the hostile enemies, despite all their cunning plots, won’t be able to do a thing against you.”

Ayatollah Khamenei advised the nation as well as the authorities on resistance and stated: “This is [advice] for the entire nation, in particular officials and managers of the Islamic society. Patience requires sticking to goals and continuous involvement and an active presence; it requires consideration of goals in the near and far future.”

He further described patience and piety as the driving force behind national dignity and held: “Because you are resisting today, future generations will reach the peak of success: they will reach this peak but dignity and resistance are yours. The revolution is lasting and promising when maintaining patience and piety. If patience and piety are practiced by our dear youth, government officials, and all people, the enemy will by no means be able to hurt you.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution once again praised Iran’s national power and sovereignty despite enemies’ efforts against the nation, adding that: “If Iran hadn’t proven its sovereignty, a tenth of today’s efforts by the enemies sufficed to take the desired government away from the people.”

Ayatollah Khamenei criticized countries that spend people’s wealth on buying weapons on the pretext of increasing their national power and mentioned: “National sovereignty is not achieved via giving the country’s money away for weapons: this is ridiculous. National sovereignty is not provided by another country: a country coming from the other side of the world to support another by establishing a base there, sucking the blood of a nation in order to safeguard inherited "sovereignty." --This is not sovereignty: this is humiliation. True sovereignty arises in the hearts of the people.”

His Eminence touched on instances that provide proof to Iran’s strong sovereignty and held: “The major reason for the sovereignty of the Iranian nation is that the Iranian nation progressed, and the US couldn't do a single thing [against it]. If the nation was not powerful and didn’t have sovereignty, a tenth of today’s efforts by the enemies would suffice to eliminate the desired government of the people.”

The Leader of the Revolution elaborated on movements inside Iran that contradict the ideals of the Islamic Republic and said: “Since day one, three movements emerged inside the country that opposed the revolution: one movement was a liberal one, inclining to the West and the US; the second movement was that of armed communists who were relentlessly ready to do anything; and the movement of hypocrites, with Islamic appearance and profane intentions, who finally appeared under the flag of Saddam. All the three movements were defeated by the Islamic Revolution. The Islamic revolution, relying on the people, has forced all the internal and external enemies to withdraw.”

The Supreme Leader went on to say: “The enemies seek to divide the nation and the government through economic pressures. But we will reinforce our bonds with the nation through enemy-defeating solidarity.”

Referring to U.S. alliances with reactionary states in West Asia, Ayatollah Khamenei explained: “Another proof of the strength of the Islamic Republic lies in coalitions the USA has formed within our region. If the US was capable of overcoming the Islamic system, it wouldn’t need to create coalitions with disgraceful countries in our region to cause insecurity, unrest, and chaos in Iran.”

Finally the Leader slammed U.S. animosity towards the Iranian nation by saying: “Animosity of the US increases every day, and the nation’s hatred of the US increases every day.”



The full text of the speech will soon be uploaded on the website. 


  • Imam Hussain (a.s.) Academy
  • IRGC