Imam Khamenei

Enemies know if they attack us with one missile, Iran will pay them back 10x!

Building various missiles and missile power is a source of security in the country. Our youthful generations do not remember the days when Tehran was burning under a barrage of missile attacks day and night. Houses were destroyed and innocent lives were taken in Tehran! The enemy's missiles reached cities near the front-lines -- like Dezfoul, Ahwaz, Suse, and other towns and cities -- and other cities even farther! We did not have missiles or other means of self-defense, we simply had to watch all the suffering as our hands were tied.


Today, our youth have made us the foremost missile power in the region. The enemy must know if they strike us just once, we will strike back ten times fold! [Audience chants "Allāhu Akbar, Allāhu Akbar"] So, missiles are a source of security and strength for Iran. Notice that the enemy has focused on our strengths: they have set their sights on our missile program. Unfortunately, some inside the country are going along with the enemy, echoing the enemies words by saying, "What's the use of our missile program?"

 Imam Khamenei, Jun 4, 2018


European officials must promise that they will not bring up issues regarding Iran's missiles and the presence of the Islamic Republic in the region: they should commit to this promise. If they say different things at different intervals of time or highlight the issue of Iranian missiles in some way, this is unacceptable! The heads of the three remaining countries, in the JCPOA, should promise and agree to not raise the issue of the missiles in any way[...].

Additionally, everyone should come to know that, despite our insistence on the Europeans not bringing up the issue of missiles, the Islamic Republic will never give up its elements of power. One element of power is our defensive capability: defense at a distance. Another element of power is our strategic depth. Presence in regional countries and support for the people of the region is the strategic depth of the Islamic Republic: the Islamic Republic cannot give this up. No wise government will give this up. Another element of power is the social investment of the people: the people's unity, their gathering under the flag of Islam, and the movement of the Islamic Republic with the sentiment and honor of being Islamic and Muslim. These are qualities that form the basis and backbone of the Islamic Republic, which are a source of strength. Everyone should understand that no one will abandon these qualities!

Imam Khamenei, May 23, 2018



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  • 2018-06-13 23:09
    suggestions of the leader ayatollah khamenei is true, but unfortunately the leadership of the whole of islamic world had sold their' IMAN' to YAHOOD O NASARAS AND KAFEERS they are unfit to stand for the islamic cause, .Now iran stands has to move cautiously, don't trust russia.its a spy of america,.Pakistan is good for nothing its a useless atomic power with no benefit to muslim world,Saudies are no muslims ,they are zionist jews disguised as sunni muslims,distroying all muslim religious sites, and no muslim country raising voice against this.NOW all eyes are towards iran,ALLAH help and protect iran from all enemies and conspirators,and make iran successful in its goals.