Imam Mahdi 720

Birthday of Imam Mahdi (pbuh) is a celebration of Hope and Justice for all humankind

First of all, I would like to congratulate you dear brothers and sisters, during the auspicious days of Sha'ban and the peak of Sha'baniyah Eid which is on the 15th of Sha'ban. The 15th of Sha'ban and the birthday anniversary of Hazrat Hujjat (God's greetings be upon him, and may He hasten his re-appearance) is a noteworthy incident due to the characteristics of the 15th of Sha'ban and the birth anniversary of the Imam of the Age (may our souls be sacrificed for his sake) which are hope and justice.

There are two outstanding points in our anticipation and our celebration of the 15th of Sha'ban. One is the issue of raising hope on this birthday and for the future, where humanity is waiting as a result of this birthday. This is a source of hope.

Another is that in the world which will be created after the re-appearance of that great Imam (a.s.), the most prominent characteristic is justice. When you take a look at all the narrations and hadiths that have been recorded in regards to that great Imam (a.s.) and that era, you see that the main focus is not on the people's piety. Of course, people will be pious and religious in that era, but the main focus is on the fact that people will benefit from justice, at that time, and justice and equality will be established.

This notion exists in all Duas, prayers, and narrations about our great Imam (a.s.). That is to say, an outstanding point in that promising future is justice. Humanity is thirsty for justice.

Aug 26, 2007 

This Eid is a cause for hope; and exactly the opposite of the disappointing atmosphere that the Front of Arrogance wants to bring about for the world's disadvantaged populations. The idea of awaiting means that hearts are filled with hope until the end of human life. Maybe, some people cannot see that era, cannot live in that period--it might be within a long time--but no doubt that time will come. Hence, congratulating the people on this Eid—which is the Eid of hope and the Eid of awaiting a fortunate ending--is the exact opposite of what the enemy wants to create.

Statements during a meeting with the people of Qom, February 19, 1992


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