Imam Khamenei

Today's young generations are ready to push the enemy back

Well, 40 years have passed from the victory of the Revolution, and you are not older than 18, 20, or 25. They expected that there would be no trace of Islam and the Revolution in the country when this generation–your generation–undertook responsibilities in the country. They expected that it would be the Americans, global powers, and Zionist capitalists who would dominate the policy of this country, the identity of this nation, and everything that this country own.--That was their expectation. They began the battle with this intention; they began the war with this intention; and they have continued, until today, these soft wars and hard war attacks with this intention.

But, what is the result today? The result is that there are some individuals among this generation whose talents to grow and to blossom is more than those of the previous generation. They also have more power in the face of the malicious, transgressing, and violent enemy. Without a doubt, if our youth managed to push the enemy back in those days, today our youth are much more prepared. They used tricks and hatched plots, but Islam, the Islamic Republic, and divine will foiled their plots. By Allah's favour, these plots will be foiled, more and more, on a daily basis. Good youth, you should prepare yourselves!

Mar 13, 2018

Some people were hoping that the Revolution would grow weaker over time. They can see that such a thing did not happen. Our determined people are the same determined people who stand firm and announce that they are not intimidated by the threats of the greedy global powers. These people and the youth who are behind them are the people who put up such a resistance.

Today, our young generation has faced the same tests that the young generation did during the war. Some people jump to conclusions when they witness that a girl or a boy behaves in an abnormal way--on a certain street or in a certain place. They say, "Our young generation has become decadent." No, this is not true. During the war, there was also such abnormal behaviour. Our young generation is a religious generation. It is difficult tests that show the true nature of a nation. Outstanding personalities of a country can play their role in the destiny of their country only when they face difficult tests.

Nov 9, 2006


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