Imam Jawad 720

Imam Jawad (as) is the initiator of free discussion on social issues

Free discussion is good, I agree with free discussion; I have always been in favour of it. The first point is that we do not reject free discussion; instead, we welcome it. The initiator of social-free argumentation is Imam Jawad (as). Discussion was common during the times of other Imams (as) before Imam Jawad (as); but, Imam Jawad, for the first time, organized gatherings for free discussion.  

May 23, 1981

Like other pure Imams (as), Imam Jawad (as) is an exemplary role-model for us to follow. The short life of this excellent slave of God passed for fighting against infidelity (kufr) and insolence. As a teenager, he was appointed the leader of the Islamic Ummah, and in a short period of time, fought so vigorously against the enemies of God that at the age of 25, still very young, the enemies could not tolerate him, and they martyred him by poisoning him. Just as other Imams (as), with their jihad, each added a new page to the glorious history of Islam. Imam Jawad (as) also manifested in his acts, an important part of comprehensive jihad in Islam, and taught us a great lesson. The lesson is that when we face hypocritical and insincere powers, we should endeavour to raise awareness among the people and invite them to encounter these powers. If the enemy is frank and explicit in showing its animosity, if it does not act with ambivalence and hypocrisy, the leader’s job is easier. But, when an enemy like Ma’moun Abbassi presents himself with a sacred image in favour of Islam, it is difficult to show his real personality to the people. In our era, and in all times throughout history, the powers have always relied on hypocrisy and two-facedness, when they cannot explicitly encounter with the people.  

Statements during a sermon made on Friday Prayer. October 10, 1980


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