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Women build civilizations: Imam Khamenei

It is the mother who transfers the culture, civilization, perceptions, ethical values of a group or a community to her child, via her body, her soul, her behaviours and manners, knowingly or unknowingly. 
All individuals are under the influence of their mother. Those whom by their actions become residents of Paradise, the base of their choice lies with their mother. As we say "Paradise is under the feet of mothers”. 

July 27, 2005


The first, most essential and most important job of a woman is her role as a mother. Even if a woman is the president of a country, her role as a mother is still more important. If I could expand, if I had the time, I would tell you more about the high importance of a mother’s role; then, you would believe being a good mother is greater in importance and value than the position of a country's president. 

Motherhood is based on affection. God has created a human with high degrees of affection, so motherhood is not flawed. If motherhood was flawed, human generations would cease to exist; or the people, when entering adulthood, would not be perfect, morally stable, and sensible. This is the main reason behind the creation of mothers. 

June 27, 1981


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    Ameen. where will we be with no mothers!?!?
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    I love mom!