Ayatollah Khamenei appointed new Representative of Wali-Faqih in the IRGC

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Armed Forces, issued a decree wherein he appointed Hujjatul Islam Sheikh Abdullah Haj Sadeqi as the Representative of Wali-Faqih in the IRGC. The following is the full text of the verdict.

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful:

Dear Hujjatul Islam Sheikh Abdullah Haj Sadeqi,

Considering the end of Hujattul Islam Haj Sheikh Ali Saeedi's term in office, and your valuable commitment, experience, and qualifications, I appoint you to the Representative position of Wali-Faqih in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). It is expected that spirituality and religious insight are promoted, selfless volunteering and revolutionary spirit are to be endorsed among commanders, guards, mobilized forces and their families, with the help of seminaries as well as knowledgeable and influential religious scholars, in accordance with set policies and convergent interactions with IRGC's Commander-in-Chief.

I thank Hujattul Islam Haj Sheikh Ali Saeedi for his valuable efforts and hard work during his term.
I ask Allah, the Almighty, to bestow success on everyone,

Sayyid Ali Khamenei
March 4, 2018


  • 2018-07-19 23:30
    Salam, I am 33 year old living in USA and never paid khums in my life. I don't have excessive/extra money, basically living paycheck to paycheck but alhumduAllah have a great life. I would like to start paying some amount for khums every month. Please let me know how/who should I pay? who is the representative of Ayatullah Khamenei in northern american? Also can i have the permission to pay every month and there is any recommended amount I should pay? Please let me know. Thanks Kanwal Rizvi
    Site Answer: Assalam Alaikum. Follow this link for religious inquiries: http://leader.ir/en/istifta