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Those who change green areas into concrete and iron abuse the earth

Plants and trees are sources of many blessings, for any country, for any human community: that is why, in Islam and in Islamic narrations, it's been recommended to care for trees and avoid cutting into them.

Thousands of trees have been cut down for no good reason. Green areas around the cities have been exploited by people who intend to abuse the earth, transforming lush greenery into concrete slabs with iron structures: this is catastrophic, it must be, seriously, stopped.

March 5, 2013

I ask the people to respect the trees and to attach great significance to the environment. The motto, "Each Iranian Should Plant a Tree," which is common among the people, is a good one. The people should do their best to plant more trees on such days (as Arbor Day). Both the people and officials, in particular, should prevent the hands which try to destroy the environment. They should not allow our forests, grasslands and the natural habitats of cities and suburban areas to be destroyed.

Mar 5, 2014


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