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What type of Islam do Arrogant powers have no qualms with?

This country did not enjoy independence for many years. The quasi-independence that existed was political. But the key of the government and the country was in the hands of other people. It was they who made the decisions. It was they who did everything. There were some people inside the country, some of whom were attached to them and some of whom were not very attached to them, but they had to follow them. Independence is resistance against such a condition.

Well, arrogance is opposed to this reason. If one feels the name of Islam causes others to oppose the Islamic Republic, they should understand that this is not so. The name of Islam, Islamic practices and obligations do not lead anyone towards opposition.

Once, Imam (r.a.) said during one of his speeches, "When the English entered and occupied Iraq in the second decade of the 20th century, an English commander saw someone shouting and raising his voice." He became frightened: someone was announcing adhan from a minaret. The English commander asked, "What is that sound?" Someone replied, "He is announcing adhan." Then the commander asked, "Is it against us?" An individual replied, "No, it is not." He said, "OK, let him announce whatever he wants." The English commander did not mind the adhan, which was not against him; and the chants of "Allahu Akbar," which did not humiliate him.

Therefore, the issue is not the name of Islam and our Islamic obligations. For example: today, some countries carry Islam's name and they observe Islamic obligations, more or less; however, their oil, their supplies, and their vital resources are in the hands of arrogant powers; hence, the enemies don't express any opposition towards such countries. On the contrary, they have friendly relations with them.

Recently, I read something interesting: some American expert said, "Reconciliation between Iran and America is possible, but it is not possible between the Islamic Republic and America."--He is right. Not only is reconciliation with the kind of Iran that is led by the Pahlavi family--which makes everything available to the Americans in USA--possible, but it is also necessary [for the US]. It is even necessary to do something beyond reconciliation for their type of Iran. Their problem is with the meaning of the Islamic Republic! The Islamic Republic means independence, freedom, commitment to Islamic faith, movement on the path of Islam and refusal to give in to the enemies' impositions,  and it [the Islamic Republic] is an invitation towards unity of the Islamic Ummah.

Ayatollah Khamenei, Jul 7, 2014


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