Members of Council of Islamic Propagation met with Ayatollah Khamenei

If nations rise against the U.S., it cannot do a single thing

If nations stand up to the US, the US will not be able to do a single thing. Until now, in our region, the US has committed oppression, usurpation, and homicide; it has brought about destruction and damage to nations; and, for all this, it will definitely be retaliated against.Concerning these utterances of US regime leaders, about the security of the region [Western Asia], they must know that nations of the region will, by no means, take their chatter seriously and will ignore them.

Who do you think you are to come from the other side of the world and decide for the Gulf region? The Gulf region belongs to the nations of the region. The United States has no right to interfere in the security of this region and its secured system. If any government allows the United States to enter the area for long-term and aid it [USA] with interference and occupation, that government needs to realize that other nations, of the same region, will confront this government. Lest regional governments commit this big mistake to agree on talks and requests from the United States to stay in Iraq, or the region for some time, the nations will stand up to such people and will regard it necessary to fight them. 

March 2, 1991

I will tell you, dear brothers, that America's splendor should not intimidate you. The enemy has become weak. The enemy of Islam - which is arrogance - is weaker now compared to all other eras during the past 100, 150 years. Take a look at colonialist governments in Europe. They are faced with economic, political, and security issues. Today, these governments have all sorts of problems. America is worse off than them. It is faced with moral, political, and serious financial and monetary problems. It is faced with disgrace and damage to its superpower status, everywhere in the world, not just in the world of Islam.

Nov 25, 2014

All the realities of our region show that America has failed in its goals inside and outside the region. America was defeated in Syria. It was defeated in Iraq and Lebanon. It was defeated on the issue of Gaza in Palestine. America has been defeated at dominating the affairs of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is loathed by the people of these countries. The same is true for events outside the region. America has been defeated in the Ukraine. It is you [USA] who have suffered defeat. It is many years now that you have been faced with defeats, one after another.

Feb 8, 2015