Jesus Christ's value to Muslims is no less than that of Christians

Jesus Christ was equipped with the power of performing miracles. He carried a divine message for humanity which saved them from the darkness of polytheism, atheism, ignorance, and oppression: guiding them towards justice, knowledge, and worship of God. He never hesitated in a fight against evil or calling people towards piety throughout his life. These are lessons that all Christians and Muslims, who believe in the prophethood of Jesus Christ, should learn.  And Islam, which is a complement to real Christianity, holds the call of humanity towards piety and moral perfection high on its list of priorities.

Ayatollah Khamenei, January 3, 1994

The value of Jesus Christ (as) through the eyes of Muslims is no less than his value to Christians, who pay tribute to this prophet. This great divine prophet has spent all his life among the people: fighting or resisting oppression, corruption and those who, relying on money and power, oppressed the people and dragged them from the hell of this world into the hereafter. The sufferings of this great prophet have persisted since childhood -- God gave him prophecy when only a child -- and it was all for this cause. It is expected that followers of Christ and all those who regard him of magnificence and high spirituality, corresponding to his elevated position, will follow his [Jesus's] path.

Today, many of those who claim to follow Christ tread down a different path than the one Christ had embarked upon. The guidance of the Prophet, Isa-ibn-Maryam (as), is guidance towards God's worship and confronting pharaohism and rebellion. Today, some of those who claim to follow this great divine messenger act like the very Pharaohs and tyrants that Prophet Jesus Christ was up against.

Ayatollah Khamenei, Dec 27, 2000


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  • 2017-12-25 22:28
    Everything his holiness the Ayatollah says is true, and I as a Christian acknowledge that. I see that the world is changing, by leaps and bounds, as technology seeks to replace us in a world where Humanity still has so many lessons to learn. Much is spoken of about the creation of a "Singularity", when A.I. begins to think for itself. The Western world trumpets that this will be a triumph for mankind ! It will be no such thing, it will mean a further enslavement for mankind. There will be however another form of singularity, although I cannot tell you exactly when this will be. It will be the point when Islam and Christianity merge, and this merge will be caused thro' our eventual understanding of Gods message to every man, woman and child. There will be no resistance to this because it will be acknowledged that it IS the will of God our Father. God Bless all the people of Iran, all the true followers of Islam and Christianity, may we all strive to build a Kingdom of Heaven, on earth.
  • 2017-12-26 01:34
    More beautiful words from true followers of Islam! My Bible consists of 3 volumes, the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran! This Christian has woken up to the Great Truths!
  • 2017-12-26 04:01
    These are true and wise words. Would people be looking for truth with wisdom they would know better than acting as they do.It is very evident in this world that far too many of those claiming the most devoutness with their religions are ill informed and acting the very opposite of the way that was meant for them. That makes them selfish hypocrites and the real cause for much of this world's problems. IMnsHO and E.