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History will be the judge

The West showed no support for Gazans against a grave disaster which took place before everyone's eyes. And the West has continued to adopt the same position till this day.

The United Nations was a disgrace to itself. America [USA] was already a disgrace, and it became a greater disgrace. Today, the savage and criminal leaders of the Zionist regime should be put on trial and punished, but nothing is being done in this regards: No measure is being adopted; on the contrary, support for the usurping and fake Zionist regime is on the rise. These things have brought shame upon the west...

This is because they [the enemy] blatantly lie to people; they lie on many issues. We, who are in the Islamic Republic, constantly witness and hear their lies. It is 30 years now, that their distorting and reversing of truth is in front of our very eyes, and we have become used to it. But, the world will be the judge. History will be the judge. 


I can tell you that, today, the western civilization has been challenged on the issue of Palestine. Today, the claim of western liberal democracy has been in question... Resistance has such a significant and great role in this. 

The main issue of Gaza is not an issue of a small piece of land. The main issue of Palestine is not only a geographical one. The prime issue is that of humanity and human principles. Today, the main issue, in regards to Palestine, is a line of division between commitment and hostility towards human principles. This issue has such great significance.

Without a doubt, America will suffer a loss with this deal. These historical eras and these--ten, twenty, thirty-year--historical developments are a short phase, and they soon shall pass. But, the history and future of America will definitely suffer a loss as a result of the movement they've launched over the past 50, 60 years--in regards to Palestine. The issue of Palestine will be a source of disgrace for America, for many years to come. 

Ayatollah Khamenei, Feb 27, 2010


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  • 2017-12-19 16:47
    At least this is well written. And honest. We all stand with Palestine it's our governments that are the problem.
  • 2017-12-22 20:57
    Very good khamenei