Ayatollah Khamenei

Western govts. talk extensively on human rights, turn a blind eye to Zionists and Saudi crimes

The legendary endurance and resistance of the Palestinian people will be remembered all throughout history. A people have become surrounded by enemies: they stand alone while surrounded by enemies, but they have shown such tremendous resistance. They endure hunger: they endure the sadness and loss of their youth; they endure the destruction of their houses and farms and they endure unemployment. In present times, several million Palestinians – including women, men, youth, and elderly -- have stood with complete power. They are one nation: it cannot be said that all of them are members of parties and political groups. Well done, well done! What a resilient people they are; this, too, will remain in our history forever. This point is significant, on this matter, and it will attract the eyes of historians.

The third point is the silence of international organizations and governments. Events ["Israeli" mistreatment of Palestinians] occur right before the eyes of Europeans, whom claim to love humanity so much: they pose as if they pay close attention to human rights issues; however, they remain silent in many cases; furthermore, they tend to help the side of oppression in other cases.

This is really surprising when dealing with Europeans, let alone America which is a major accomplice in the crimes committed by Zionists. The hands of American administrators have sunk deep into the blood of Palestinians’... The major problem arises when the United Nations and their European governments speak--at length--on human rights; but, they don't really know a single thing about human rights; and, don't know how to place value on such issues. And, of course, the issues [they choose to raise] are always about other governments – Muslim governments. Their silence is truly out of bias. 

Now, what can the people of these [Western] nations do on this matter? They can take to the streets on Quds Day [or any day] and chant in support of Palestine. They can raise their clenched fists and express to that brave, resistant nation [of Palestine] that they have their unwavering support. They can say to the Palestinians, “Although our governments suppress us from assisting you, or they refuse to help you, you should know that our hearts are with you.” This will encourage them, and this can be of great help.

Nov 5, 2004

The US president – who stands with a tribal, backward and completely decadent system – stands beside the tribal chief and does a sword dance, while he criticizes the 40 million votes of the people of Iran in a free election!

These are enemies who are so shameless, brazen, and indifferent, that they stand beside murderers who kill the people of Yemen, in the streets and markets, day and night, and they [western gov. officials] have the nerve to speak about human rights! Can there be a shamelessness any greater than this? It's been about two and a half years, now, that they've bombarded Yemen--incessantly. They are not bombarding military centers, rather they're  bombing streets, markets, mosques, hospitals and the people's homes.

They kill the innocent: they murder women, infants, children and elders; and, that's while they stand beside these murderers and engage in friendly conversation with them. They speak about human rights, and they impose inhumane sanctions on the Islamic Republic because of human rights! Is there a shamelessness any greater than this? [The Leader asked again.] In the face of such an enemy, we need the power of a mobilizing force that the [Islamic] Revolution benefits from!

Jun 4, 2017


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