I used to travel to Afghanistan, I've been aware of suffering there: Ayatollah Khamenei

I used to travel to Afghanistan, I've been aware of suffering there: Ayatollah Khamenei

The people of Afghanistan represent a Muslim nation; its Shiites and Sunnis in the same manner. Both its Shia community and Sunni community are Muslims first and foremost. They are zealous and devout Muslims, too.

November 20, 1990

Because, I used to live in Khorasan and this province is bordered by Afghanistan, I often travelled and communicated with Afghans, before the revolution. In addition, through Afghan seminary students who lived in Mashhad, I have been aware of the sufferings in Afghanistan. So, I know--and you also know well--that ethnic and religious prejudices and political trends are but excuses to divide the people of Afghanistan. The enemy uses different excuses to divide the people. People should overcome these schemes: this will require a monotheistic, divine, and prophetic determination, just as the followers and the companions of the Prophets (pbut) acted with strong determination.

Afghanistan is a pure Muslim country and a nation with a long history of Islamic culture. The people of Afghanistan have the right to promote their Islamic culture. The books of hadith and interpretation, jurisprudence, history and the like were produced throughout the centuries by Afghans, and they are several times greater than the Islamic countries situated westward. That is, the Islamic literature production from the Afghan nation are among the best quality of productions and highly valuable. Therefore, the nation of Afghanistan has an important status in Islamic culture and heritage.

October 3, 1989

Today, DAESH is being thrown out of its birthplace, which is Iraq and Syria, and it is moving to other countries. It is going to Afghanistan, Pakistan and even the Philippines, European countries and other places. 

Jun 4, 2017


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