Humanity's social life moves forward via harmony, interaction with world: Ayatollah Khamenei

Extensive interaction with the world: This is our permanent advice and this is the exact opposite of what our enemies and the global hegemonists are after. We can have vast and extensive interaction with the world. We can both help other nations and governments and we can receive their help. Humanity's social life moves forward like this: it moves forward with cooperation, unanimity, harmony and interaction with the world. Our geography and our numerous resources facilitate this for us.

In the past decade, the officials of the country have thankfully managed to cooperate with the world. Despite the fact that the enemies have always wanted to isolate the people of Iran, the people of Iran have not become isolated. They have cooperated with the world, but at the same time, they have confronted the system of domination and arrogance in a serious manner. They have managed to resist their plots. And of course, the enemy is still busy working. 

August 3, 2017

In global propaganda, they stress this: they complain why some people in the Islamic Republic – sometimes, they mention my name in particular - are opposed to the west and to America. We should not forget what the west has done to us. I am not an advocate of cutting off relations with the west – I will enlarge on this matter later on – and everyone knows this. I was the president for eight years and I have had meetings with these countries and with their presidents. In the present time, this is the same. Today too, one of the items of Mr. President’s guests is to meet with me. And when we speak, we do not swear at each other. We speak and we reach agreements. I am not opposed to establishing relations with the west, but the issue is that we should know who we are dealing with and who the other side is.

March 10, 2016 


Our officials are reasonable. Our people are reasonable. We accept rational statements and rational actions. If the US show they will not bully us any more, if they show that they will not commit evil deeds, if they show that they will not say and do irrational things, if they show that they will respect the rights of the Iranian nation, if they show that they will not fuel the fire of discord in the country, if they show that they will not interfere in the internal affairs of Iran - like the interference by supporting those who started the fitna in 1388 - then they will see that the Islamic Republic is benevolent and the people are reasonable.

 February 16, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters, there is a very valuable and profitable country in this very sensitive and strategic - in political and military terms - region, namely Iran. Arrogant powers have dug their claws into this country for many years. One day, it was Russia, One day it was England and another day, it was America. Later on, its people liberated it from their claws by relying on a thought and idea and on their determination. But they want to restore their domination. This is the source of all contentions. Of course, we have no problems with anyone. We only want to say to the people who wish to dominate us again, "No way. We will not allow you to do so". The Islamic Republic's fight against those who want to confront this system is over this matter. There is no other problem.

When interacting with one another, all countries in the world may have certain natural problems. These problems are not important. What is important is that the people of Iran and the Islamic Republic have stood firm and that they want to defend their identity, independence and national dignity. There are some people who want to get their hands on this willpower and determination. This is the source of all contentions. The Majlis should have a fundamental and determining role in this major confrontation. This is because you are the people's representatives. You can see the people's presence in elections, rallies, slogans. You can see them through their demands and requests. 

June 16, 2004