Myanmar Crises: Political Issue, not Religious Fanaticism

The following is an excerpt of the speech delivered on September 12, 2017, by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, at the beginning of Dars-e Kharij.


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


…[B]efore we enter into our discussions today, one wonders how the truly catastrophic events in Myanmar can be justified! This is really an exceptional event. In front of the eyes of Islamic countries, of Islamic governments, of one and a half billion Muslims, of international congresses which make extravagant claims, and of lying hypocritical governments which boast about their support of human rights, a merciless government – headed by a merciless woman who has won the Nobel prize – a merciless government is killing innocent people!

This government is burning people, it is destroying their houses and it is making them homeless. It is really an astonishing event for which there is no response in the real sense of the word. Of course, they condemn these actions, but what is the use of condemnations? They publish declarations, but what is the effect of such declarations?

They should take action!

First of all, instead of clarifying the truth for people, they state that the issue is about a confrontation between Buddhists and Muslims. Some prejudiced religious individuals might be involved in this matter, but it is a certain government that is doing this! The issue is political! And that government is headed by a woman who has won the Nobel prize!

By doing this, they put an end to any credibility of the Noble Peace prize and the Nobel prize in general. Should the Nobel Peace prize be given to such a merciless woman? A woman and so merciless! One really wonders at the situation that humanity is in!

The solution is that Muslim governments should enter the arena in practice. I am not saying that they should send their armies there, but they should exert political and economic pressure. There are tens of Muslim countries and governments some of whom have financial and economic transactions with them. They should exert pressure on that government by using these means. They should issue warnings in a continuous manner and they should raise a cry against them in international meetings. They should adopt such measures. Otherwise, if we sit somewhere and engage in condemnations, what is the use of this?

The Secretary General of the United Nations has condemned them. Well, he must have gone through a lot of trouble to do this! Our actions should produce results. When their policies dictate it, they create a lot of fuss because such and such a criminal is allegedly mistreated in a certain country. They shout and yell because a certain criminal has been punished in a country! That is while thousands of people have been killed in that country! It is not clear what the exact figure is. They do not allow it be revealed.

Tens of thousands of people have become homeless, but unfortunately, there is not any response in any way. This is a very grave event! Nations are angry and upset. There are several rallies and demonstrations in Muslim countries, but it is governments that should take action. It is governments that should act. Governments should be pushed to do so. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation should hold meetings on this matter. They should gather together and discuss the measures that can be adopted for those Muslims.

Unfortunately, our world is a world of oppression. The Islamic Republic should preserve for itself the honor of speaking against oppression in an explicit and outspoken manner, including the acts of oppression by the Zionists in the occupied lands, and the ones in Yemen – the bombardment of the people of Yemen – Bahrain, Myanmar and any other part of the world. The Islamic Republic should adopt a courageous and outspoken position on these matters.


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