9/11: A Pretext of US to Create a ME with Israel as its Capital

US used the 9-11 pretext, 4 or 5 years earlier, in order to advance their own purposes in the Middle East. 

Their main goal was to build a Middle East, in such a way, that would serve the interests of "Israel"; we used to say, "a Middle East with Israel as its capital" -- they looked forward to such a dream. The occupation and invasion of Iraq were part of a plan for this project [a project that would help Israel]. Iraq is one of the wealthiest countries in this region and among Arab countries; today, unfortunately, Iraq's people dwell in poverty and pain.

The US government wanted complete control over this country [Iraq]--Saddam was not enough, he was unpredictable. The US wanted to establish a government there, with a popular appearance, and under their control at the same time. This was an important step in creating a new Middle East centered around the interests of Israel; thus, could such a Middle East stifle the Islamic Republic of Iran: this was the goal of the US. 

Now, if you consider every single part of the plan: the plan failed in Palestine, a pivotal and crucial area. Why? Because, in Palestine, Hamas --- the largest and most important core resistance group against the Israeli regime -- established a government according to the vote of the people: this was a big defeat for the US and Israel. Ever since this government came into power, the US and Israel have been trying to overthrow it, but they haven’t succeeded. 

Unfortunately, they [US and Israel] also managed to use the help of some Palestinians in attempt to defeat the popular government of Palestine; but, so far, they have not succeeded, and hopefully they will not be able to do so in the future. This was the case for Palestine. The Zionist regime itself -- which was supposed to be strengthened -- faced troubles and the US was, once again, defeated. 

Last summer, this pretentious military force -- the "Israeli army," which claimed to be the strongest army in the region -- entered a war with Lebanon, using their enormous war facilities. The army didn’t fight against a country or a state, or an organised group, but against several thousand men constituting of Hezbollah and the Islamic resistance. This war lasted 33 days, which was unprecedented in the area. Several other wars that Israel has had with Arab nations never exceeded a few days -- a maximum was one or two weeks. The war lasted for 33 days, and it ended with a complete and humiliating defeat of the Israeli army. Who imagined such ending? The US government couldn’t believe it, but it happened. This was another defeat for the US. 

They intended to disarm Hezbollah in Lebanon, but Hezbollah not only was not disarmed, it also became so strong and powerful that it could defeat the "Israeli army," which was once considered "legendarily undefeatable."

September 14, 2007


  • 2017-09-11 22:45
    And the US government still uses 9/11 to age war even against Iran as you have seen them try to take billions from Iran over that inside job, thats what it was a Bush-Cheney inside job.
  • 2017-09-12 15:28
    Everything Europa / USA did to help the dispossession of the Palestinian people, they are now experience on their original homelands.
  • Reality is almost like an onion. Comes in layers. The outer layer, when peeled, shows the next inner layer. And so on down to the core. It is difficult to get to the core of reality, without first unpeeling it, layer by layer. The empirical fact however is that it is not mentioned in the mainstream, and by many others in dissentstream either, because the conspiracy is to not even acknowledge that the onion exists at all for social engineering of ‘United we Stand’ and ‘introducing beneficial cognitive diversity’ to mislead the public. But the outer layer of the onion is not the entire onion, however persuasive and inviting it may appear! These are mere labels, the neocons, neoconservatives, neo-cons, they mean nothing by themselves. America has been involved in warfare from Wounded Knee to Afghanistan, and before WWII, there were no neo-cons by that name. There was no Israel. See