Islam's views on breastfeeding, recently approved by Westerners

I advise families, especially mothers, to take care of children's health, particularly, their food. The best nourishment for babies is breast milk.
It has become common before the revolution, following the European model, that mothers didn't breastfeed: this is a negative view, while Islam has an opposing view. Today, fortunately, science also approves it. Breast milk is, of course, the best food for babies. Provide children with healthy, clean and good food.
April 10, 1987

One of the duties of women at home and in the family is raising children. The women who, for the sake of activities outside the family, avoid childbearing, act against their human and feminine nature: God might not be pleased with their actions.
Those who leave childbearing, child raising, breastfeeding, or raising children with affection and kindness, for activities which are not necessarily reliant upon them, are in the wrong.  
The best way for raising children is that the child grows with a mother’s love and affection; women who deprive their children of this blessing [love and affection] are wrong to do so. It is detrimental to the interests of themselves, their children and society. Furthermore, Islam does not allow child neglect.
One of the duties of women consists of raising children with affection, correct education, love and care; Which should be carried out in such a way that when a child (girl or boy) grows into adulthood they are mentally healthy, with no feeling of humiliation, and without the miseries that the Western youth--in Europe and the US--are experiencing today.
March 10, 1997​


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