Can negotiations with U.S. solve Iran's problems? Ayatollah Khamenei answers

They say that if we get along with America, the problems of the country will be solved. Well, we can give tens of reasons why this notion is wrong.

Over the course of several years, we fought against Saddam for eight years, and the Americans continued their support for Saddam, in a firm manner, during that period of time. They helped him as much as they could. They showed enmity towards us before, during and after the war, and during and after the issue of Bar-Jaam [the JCPOA]--in different ways. A few days ago, that American negotiator [John Kerry] said, outspokenly, which was broadcasted on our TV, that they imposed sanctions on Iran even after the issue of the Bar-Jaam. This defines US behavior; therefore, resistance of the Iranian people against America is based on logic. So, the first erroneous notion is that they want to act as if the people have stood up against America out of obstinacy; however, the truth of the matter is opposite of this. The people have stood up against America based on logic:  This is the correct explanation for the first notion.

The second wrong notion – an inaccurate thought that is being injected by the Americans and promoted by some people inside the country, which is more dangerous than the first notion – is that if we get along with USA, the problems of our country will be solved.

It is one of those bizarre and very dangerous mistakes. They say that if we get along with America, the problems of the country will be solved. Well, we can give tens of reasons why this notion is wrong. This is a false and deceitful statement, compromise with America will not solve the problems of the country in any way. Not only will it not resolve economic, political, security and moral problems, but it will make these issues worse.

There are dozens of reasons that one can count and list for the record. But, the last one is the issue of the Bar-Jaam. During the negotiations, I said many times that they're the ones who go back on their commitments, they are deceitful, and they do not stick to their promises. Now, you bear witness to this situation! Today, those who are saying that they [US rulers] go back on their promises is not only I. The honorable officials of the country and our negotiators -- who made so much effort, who negotiated with them for a year and a half, who had several meetings outside the country for 10, 15, 20 days, who went through a lot of trouble and exerted themselves at the negotiating table -- are saying these things as well.

In the meeting that was held about a month ago in New York – the meeting between ministers of foreign affairs – our honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs participated as well. In that very meeting, our Minister of Foreign Affairs presented a long list of indictments against them [Western negotiators]. He said to them that they did things they should not have done, and they did not do the things they should have done. It was a bill of indictment, for which they did not have any answers. Well, this is their attitude: They say that we should get along with them on the issue of Syria, Hezbollah, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. But, whom should we get along with? Should we get along with those who show continuos enmity against us? Their goal is to prevent the Iranian nation from developing. Their goal is to prevent the economic problems of our country from being resolved. Under these circumstances, will they come help us resolve our problems?

Nov 2, 2016


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