I truly feel humble in front of the Iranian nation: Ayatollah Khamenei

The Islamic Revolution ended the era of the humiliation of the Iranian nation. Before the Revolution, the people of Iran used to be humiliated by foreigners and by powers. They used to be humiliated in scientific, political and social arenas. Dominant powers – mainly America – used to dictate to the Pahlavi regime what they liked and the regime did exactly what they wanted. Before the Americans, it was the English who played this role in the country. But the Revolution came and put an end to this intolerable humiliation. It gave dignity and independence to the country and to the people and it highlighted their human nature. When a people feel that they have an identity, talents will blossom in them and this happened. Talents were blossomed and the country progressed.

Today, our country is among the most dignified countries in the world. Today, the people of Iran are among the most honorable peoples in the world in the eyes of their enemies, let alone in the eyes of their friends. This is not tolerable for our enemies. This is not tolerable for America for whom Iran was once backward. This is not tolerable for the Zionist regime for whom Iran was once a resort – they used to come here to rest. This is not tolerable for them. It is not tolerable for the enemies of the people of Iran to see a people stand up against them in an outspoken manner, express their definite viewpoints against arrogance without showing any considerations and give courage to other nations. This is why they are doing their best to stop this.

How long will the enemy’s effort continue? As long as you people of Iran gain such power that can disappoint them, the enemy focuses all his efforts on preventing you from reaching this stage. All the conflicts that they created on the issue of nuclear energy, all the statements that they make about human rights, all the threats that they issue and all the sanctions that they imposed – they continue to threaten that they will impose more sanctions – are for the sake of slowing down and stopping the path on which the people of Iran are moving rapidly. Of course, the motivation of the people of Iran is one that will not decrease and will not be undermined with such things.  Feb 17, 2016

Authorities should realize the value of this nation and appreciate the people. Fixing the problems of this nation must be their actual and permanent goal. If they double up on the efforts they are making now, it is welcome. These people have such great value that we should give them all we have, and do all we can do for them.
Dear officials--the government, the parliament, the judiciary, the armed forces--all and all, serve and work for the people as much as you can. These people are extremely valuable and honorable. Understand that by relying on the people this system is stronger and more solid than a mountain.

July 30, 1999

One truly feels humble in front of the awareness and punctuality of this nation. This nation represents a brave, conscious, believing and motivated nation. We don't care about what the enemies say. This nation has found its way and moves forward with great will-power.

August 03, 2005


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