hunger strike

'Palestinian prisoners should know they are not alone'

The clash that exists in today’s world is one of real value. There are sides in this, which are miles away from human values. Certain events are taking place around us, about which we cannot be indifferent. The first issue is that of Palestine: Palestine is not a minor issue. About 60-plus years have passed since the occupation of Palestine. Several generations of these people--the Palestinians--have come and gone; but, the Palestinian ideals continue to thrive; despite their enemies who try to destroy them, their ideals thrive.

Unfortunately, Arab governments are so busy with other matters that they do not have the time, or they do not want to attend to issues surrounding Palestine; standing on ceremony with other countries, different other considerations, aligning with America and others will not allow them [Arab leaders] to do so. The issue of Palestine is an extremely important issue: we cannot abandon it. Today, the Intifada of Palestinians has begun in the West Bank. The people are resisting, but the judgments that these arrogant bullhorns make are completely bias and oppressive judgements.
When a person whose land has been occupied, whose life is in danger, and who does not have any financial security--Zionists destroy their homes with bulldozers, then engage in building settlements, and destroy their farmland--defends their home with a stone, they say "that person is a terrorist!" This is while the entity [zionists] responsible for destroying that person’s livelihood, security, dignity, wealth and entire world is referred to as, "innocent"; they say that this Zionist organization is "acting on self defense." This is very strange. This is one of the wonders of today’s world!
Someone has arrived on a man's doorstep and usurped his house. They have thrown out the home owner, and they find ways to constantly oppress him. They say, to the oppressed individual, that he should not defend himself; but, it is okay for the oppressor to continue to oppress. If the oppressed owner – who has lost his security and his house, and whose wife, children, and dignity, just about everything he owns and loves are under threat – swears at the usurper or simply throws a stone, he is labeled as a "terrorist." Is this a minor thing? Is this a minor wrongdoing? Is it a minor act of oppression that can be forgiven? This cannot be forgiven! We will defend the movement of the Palestinian nation, with all our power, as long as we can, and in whatever way we can!
Nov 25, 2015

Those Palestinians who are in prisons, told us that our slogans, our presence and our clenched fists--which express our sincere faith and determination--give them strength and power, we help them resist. To be able to resist, the one who sits within the walls of a Zionist prison should never feel alone [in his/her plight]. The women and the men who are attacked on the streets of Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, and in other Palestinian cities, occupied by Israeli thugs, should feel your support towards them, so they might strengthen their resistance. April 05, 1991


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    Resistance will become stronger! Palestine will return!